Monday, October 8, 2012

Beauty is As Beauty Does

Whats he like? I don't know. Is he kind? Sometimes. Does he have a good job, a college education? No. Is he smart? Not really. In some ways, I guess. Is he attractive? Yes, very. Is that all? I guess... No, not really... I don't know. Why are you with him?

Because he is beautiful. And fragile, yet strong. He is special, he is light, he is simplicity. And he is there for me, always. And he loves me... And I love him. Forget about the age difference, the class difference, and hell, forget about the race difference too, that bothers you all too even thought you'd hate yourselves if you had to admit it...

And God gave him to me. He is mine, and I am his. Forever? Time will tell...

Does he understand me? Yes. Better than most people. Do I understand him? Most of the time. Is he good for me? I think so. Am I good for him? Absolutely.

But do you want to know the biggest reason?

He gets me out of my head. He makes me forget. He makes me happy, makes me feel OK, like a bird whose broken wing was mended, I forgot about this beautiful but horribly depressing blog I keep. Its OK to be OK.

Is there beauty in pain? Yes, and I've always written to that. But you know where ELSE there is beauty? In Happiness, in love, in joy, in... Beauty.

And that's what i write to today.

Try yourself. Have a beautiful day.