Sunday, January 30, 2011


I get reality, and unreality. But what is it that lies between? That's where I now reside. Its a hazy place. Its a beautiful place too. Trouble is, reality and unreality have not forgot about you. And both are still pulling at you. You can't ever hide.

I could wait for the other shoe to drop. But it maybe already has. Or did. Or never did. I won't ever know the difference. I have to hold it down. I told him I could. 


And even in his pain he found a way to give.

I will always remember him for giving to me, and showing me so much kindness. He needed me, and I helped him with his wounds. In return, he gave to me, and showered me with his love. Can love really ever be cheap?

No. Love is something to be cherished, and appreciated. If someone gives you love, please don't ever take it lightly. Don't ever be me. Take it, and reciprocate it, and always understand what it is. Do not assume it is ever more or any less that what it is.

The world is vast. Do not limit yourself. Love may come from and where you least expect it. It may come from convoluted reasons; it may seem unwarranted. But still, love it is.

"Love is like an airplane", to quote Sean Lennon. "You jump and then you pray. The lucky ones remain. In the clouds for days. If this is just a dream, which of us is dreaming, and who will wake up screaming". He taught me how to love again.

And now, I follow his lead. And its scary, and it may take me to terrifying places. But I trust him, even though he'd hate me saying that. Do I believe him? No, but I believe IN him. And isn't that whats more important, what really matters?

"I feel this way", and he says "I know." Its not out of pretention, its actually out of understanding. He knows what it is to love. And he's also teaching me.